The Difference Between Downlight and Spotlight

 The Difference Between Downlight and Spotlight

Many people confuse downlights and spotlights. They don't know what is the difference between these two types of lights, where they should be used in the home, and what are the differences in application effects.

Simply put, commercial downlights are a kind of lamps that have more condensing properties than ordinary surface-mounted lamps and are generally used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting. Spotlight is a highly concentrating luminaire, and its light irradiation can specify a specific target. It is mainly used for special lightings, such as emphasizing a place that is very flavorful or innovative.

We distinguish between downlights and spotlights from these aspects.

1. From the light source, the downlight can be installed with incandescent bulbs or energy-saving lamps. It is yellow when the incandescent lamp is installed. When installing energy-saving lamps, the bulb type can be white or yellow. The direction of the light source of the ceiling downlight cannot be adjusted. General household spotlights use quartz bulbs or lamp beads. Of course, large spotlights do not necessarily use quartz bulbs. The quartz bulb has the only yellow light. And the light source direction of general spotlights can be adjusted freely.

2. From the perspective of the application position, downlights are generally installed in the ceiling, and generally, the ceiling needs to be above 150mm before installation. Of course, the downlight also has an external type. It is a good choice to install downlights in areas without ceiling lights or pendant lights, and the light should be softer than the spotlights. Spotlights can generally be divided into track type, point hanging type, and built-in type. Spotlights generally have transformers, but some do not. Built-in spotlights can be installed in the ceiling. Spotlights are mainly used for places that need to be emphasized or expressed, such as TV walls, paintings, ornaments, etc., and can be used to enhance the effect.

Downlights generally have three types: large, medium, and small. There are two types of downlights: horizontal plug and vertical plug. The price of a horizontal plug is slightly more expensive than that of the vertical plug.

It should be noted that spotlights generally cannot be used to illuminate wool fabrics at close range, nor can there be flammable obstacles at close range, otherwise it will easily cause a fire. Although the spotlight consumes a lot of power, it has a very different effect in the appropriate position. The decoration of the spotlights and the colorful lamp cups is unique.

Customized LED Downlight installation considerations

1. Check whether the product is in good condition immediately after opening the package of chinese light price.

2. Cut off the power before installation, make sure the switch is closed, to prevent electric shock, after lighting, please do not touch the surface of the lamp. Avoid installing this lamp in places with heat sources, hot steam, and corrosive gases, so as not to affect its life.

3. Please confirm the applicable power supply according to the installed quantity before use. This product is only for indoor use. When outdoor, please pay attention to waterproof installation and ensure that the installation position can bear 10 times the weight of the product.

Fourth, the product uses high-voltage (110V/220V) power supply lamp cups, it is not suitable to work in the state of frequent power-on and power-off, which will affect its life.

5. Install it in a flat place with no vibration, no swing, and no fire hazard. Take care to avoid falling from high altitude, collision with hard objects, and percussion.

6. If it is not used for a long time, the dimmable LED Downlight should be stored in a cool, dry, and clean environment. It is forbidden to store and use it in humid, high temperature or flammable and explosive places.

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 The Difference Between Downlight and Spotlight

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