How to Buy Track Lighting

How to Buy Track Lighting

For flexible, customizable indoor lighting solutions, track lighting is unparalleled. In this track lighting buying guide, you will discover the basics of track lighting, the various types of systems available and things to keep in mind when buying track fixtures for your space. The cob led track light supplier shares this article for you.

What is track lighting?

Track lighting is based on a system of lamps called "heads" or "bullets" connected to the "track". The track or monorail contains electrical conductors that can power each track head to cast light throughout the space.

Advantages of LED Track Light

The ability to individually reposition and adjust each head to customize the lighting of the room.

Some systems allow you to select the point along the track where you want to place each bullet.

It can be installed on the ceiling and wall, depending on your space design.

There are many options for track heads, including low-voltage halogen bulbs and energy-saving LED styles.

So if the idea of adding new wiring to a single fixture sounds daunting and complicated, or if you are interested in the idea of adjustable lighting, track lighting is the ideal choice. But before you get started, here are some things to help you choose the system that suits your home:

Three kinds of track lighting

1. Complete track kit

There are two types of lighting kits, and they provide you with everything you need in one convenient package:

Like any other ceiling fixture, a tracking kit can simply be installed in the ceiling junction box. These kits come with light heads mounted on fixed or adjustable rocker rods. The lamp holder can pivot and rotate, but cannot slide back and forth along the rod.

A complete linear track kit (including track, adjustable lamp head, and canopy) is also provided. With these kits, you can move your head back and forth on the pole as needed, and you can add other lights.

2. Straight track

This type uses linear rails, which are usually 2 feet, 4 feet, 6 feet, or 8 feet in length.

Use connectors to connect parts, so you can create a custom layout for the room. You can select the desired lighting style and place it anywhere on the track.

3. Monorail system

Using a flexible track, it can be bent to create a circular flowing shape.

Unlike linear tracks that are tiled on the surface of the ceiling, the monorail hangs the ceiling from the bracket, providing a stylish modern appearance. A complete kit is also provided.

LED rail light system

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