Home Decoration Lighting Details

Home Decoration Lighting Details

In the decoration process, there is a small point, but it is closely related to our quality of life experience. That is the design of home lighting. If the lighting design is not done in the early stage of decoration, it is very troublesome to change it later, because the main light source is on the roof, all of which involve digging and slotting or ceiling. Most people encounter lighting problems, most likely to feel that the brightness of the home is not enough. Later, they have to use wall lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, and other light sources to enhance them, but it is easy to destroy the original design feeling.

So, today we will talk to you about those experiences of lighting design.

It is recommended to use bathroom downlights on the roof for the lighting of the bathroom. The average light source is to use two mirror headlights in front of the bathroom mirror to increase the light source, or simply install a bathroom mirror with internal light. 

In many cases, the chandelier in the restaurant is only responsible for creating a warm dining environment, and the lighting of the overall space requires the assistance of other light sources, such as the downlights hidden in the ceiling. Summarized a few details about lighting design, you can take a look.

1. The brightness of the kitchen and bathroom must be sufficient

The brightness of the lighting in the dining room often varies from person to person. Some people like the dim and quiet setting of the home. Naturally, some people like to be bright and can enjoy sunbathing at home. But these habitual differences in brightness and color temperature are generally not considered in the kitchen and bathroom. Because the kitchen and bathroom are the main operating places in daily life, it is generally necessary to create a sufficient lighting environment. The kitchen and bathroom must have enough lighting. If you really don't like the bright environment, at least it must be arranged in layers. The lighting of the main work surface cannot be saved. For example, the lighting setting of the kitchen area should fully consider the working habits of the people in the kitchen, and the main activity areas such as the countertop and the stovetop should have sufficient light sources. In terms of functionality, I personally recommend cabinet downlights for kitchens and bathrooms, and because most Chinese households use ceilings in kitchens and bathrooms, concealed downlights are a good choice. The quality of the downlight should be good, and it is best to meet or be close to the commercial standard downlight; to prevent glare, the deeper the light source, the better, at least 5 cm. The color rendering index should be high, more than 90 is the best. The color rendering index is the core standard to measure the quality of a downlight spotlight. The higher the color rendering index, the higher the degree of color reproduction, and the more comfortable people see. The power should be as large as possible, the greater the power, the brighter.

2. Add lights in the kitchen and bathroom backlight operation

The light source setting at the suspended ceiling may not be enough, because domestic cabinets are equipped with upper cabinets, so even if the top light source in the kitchen is strong, people will inevitably form a backlight on the countertop under the upper cabinet.

The situation in the bathroom is similar. People standing in front of the washbasin and bathroom mirror can also easily form a backlight, which affects the brightness during normal washing. Therefore, it is generally recommended to add lights in the kitchen and bathroom where the backlight is easy to occur. Customers of customized cabinets can directly ask the manufacturer to install them above the countertop cabinets or install a small LED light by themselves.

As for the kitchen stove, don't worry, the manufacturers of range hoods have already considered for us, and almost every range hood has lights. As for the kitchen with an island, the chandelier can be arranged on the island, which not only enhances the appearance but also increases the light source.

No lights are installed in the cabinets. In case something falls off or the ground is broken due to poor visibility when accessing it, it is a minor matter, but a serious matter if it hits a person. The backlight of the bathroom also needs to be filled with light. The mirror lamp needs to be filled. This kind of light is placed on both sides of the mirror or above the mirror.

3. The core area is mainly illuminated by downlights, but the pattern can be varied

Most of the friends who know a little about home decoration know that in the process of interior decoration design, the core area needs to be designed in space. The core area is a concept that transcends the living room, dining room, and study, and takes the main activity areas of the family into consideration. This area is either colorful or located at the central point of vision, but no matter how it is designed, as the main family activity area, the brightness of the core area is higher than the surrounding area, so Power Saving Downlights is still recommended. The living room lighting is mainly downlight, which is not a new concept in China for a long time. It has been popular for at least a decade or two. However, the layout of domestic houses used to be relatively rigid. Generally, the ceiling around the living room was lowered, and the downlight was shining upward on the ceiling. The simpler design is to directly install the downlights on the suspended ceiling in a circle with the light facing down. Although this method of lighting layout solves the lighting problem, it is too popular, and modern style design always pursues new ideas.

There are two ways to arrange downlights that I recommend. Users with a relatively high first floor can consider hanging a shallow flat roof, about ten centimeters high, to hide the downlight. Instead of just making a ceiling around the living room, in this way, the overall lighting layout of the living room space will be more. The main light does not need to be placed in the middle, and the downlights need not be evenly distributed. There are many ways to arrange them. Friends who like constellations can even arrange the downlights in the flat roof as a constellation diagram. Maybe it works well~

Hanging a thin layer of the flat roof will not occupy too much height, but there is a lot of creativity that can be displayed. The downlight does not emphasize the shape but emphasizes the function. It can be used with traditional main lights such as chandeliers. Fan lights generally have no lights or low brightness, and cannot be used as the main lighting source. At this time, auxiliary light sources are needed to help.

Another method is to directly install the downlights directly on the roof without a ceiling.

There are many wonderful illustrations and methods for reference abroad. But some people in China like it and others don't, so the pictures are for your reference. As for whether to use it, it varies from person to person. Surface-mounted downlights have many beautiful shapes because of the space in the design.

4. The light in the bedroom, study, living room and other areas should be three-dimensional and layered

Essentially, the lighting arrangement at home is still related to people's behavior. The kitchen and bathroom need to be operated, and people are generally standing, so the overhead light should be strong, and the backlight should be filled. People are sitting or lying down in the bedroom, study, including the living room and dining room, so the light will also change with people's behavior. There should be a table lamp on the desk, a table chandelier on the dining table, a table lamp or bedside wall lamp in front of the bed, and a floor lamp next to the sofa or lounge chair is recommended.

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