Choose Led Downlight or Led Spotlight for Home Decoration(Part 2)

Choose Led Downlight or Led Spotlight for Home Decoration(Part 2)

I. Differences in use of places

In-home decoration, downlights, and spotlights can often be replaced with each other, such as living room, aisle, restaurant, balcony, kitchen, bathroom, study, porch, etc., because these places do not require very high angles of light, both Provide auxiliary lighting. However, as in the background wall and TV wall, it is best to use spotlights, because it can shine beautiful light spots on the wall, there is a strong contrast between light and dark, and space will be very artistic.

A detailed explanation of the structure of an LED downlight spotlight

Let's dissect from the structure of custom LED hotel downlight and spotlight.

1.Light body

The lamp body is usually made of aluminum, such as die-cast aluminum and car aluminum. There are many factors in choosing aluminum materials, good heat dissipation performance, easy processing of aluminum profiles, and the surface of aluminum will oxidize to form a dense layer of alumina, which is resistant to corrosion. In addition, aluminum is lighter and has less pressure on the ceiling, and the price of aluminum It is also relatively cheap low cost, and easy for users to accept. In addition to aluminum, plastic is also a commonly used raw material, because plastic costs are lower, but it is sacrificed for heat dissipation and quality standards.

2. ring

There are also a variety of surface treatment processes for surface rings, such as wire drawing, matte, baking paint, etc., mainly to meet the various needs of different users. Brushed can show the unique texture and luster of metal, matte can have a matte texture, baking paint on the surface ring for high-temperature baking paint, the texture is extraordinary. There are also a variety of colors for the face ring, which are commonly used in gold, silver, white, and gold-rimmed white, and some face rings are decorated with carvings. All these extensions are to better meet customer needs.

3.Light source

Light sources are now basically using LEDs, the advantages of which have been explained before, and are not repeated here.

4.Drive power

Driving power is the first step for 220V mains to enter the LED light source. LED light source uses low-voltage DC power, so you need to use a power source to convert 200V mains power into low-voltage DC power! There are many types of drive for downlights and spotlights. At present, the high-end is an intelligent constant current driver with IC. This power supply can The fluctuating current is converted into a stable current, so that the lamp does not flicker, is eye-protecting, and has a long life. The only disadvantage is the higher cost.


When the light source emits light, it is often accompanied by fever. LED is a semiconductor, which is very sensitive to temperature. If the temperature is too high, its life will be reduced. Therefore, a radiator is needed to help cool down the heat of the lamp! At present, the mainstream radiators on the market include sunflower radiators and blade radiators.

Third, about installation

The installation of custom color LED downlights and spotlights is also relatively simple. Moreover, these installations are generally done by professional decoration companies. The most important thing to pay attention to during installation is the size of the opening. 3W or 5W LED downlights are commonly used in home decoration. The opening of 3W is usually 7-9 cm, and the opening of 5W is generally 9-10 cm.

It should be noted that according to past experience, many owners have taken a detour in the size of the opening. The opening is small, which is easy to handle. It takes a little labor and re-enlarges it. If you do n’t go in, you only have to change the light, so the effort will not be a little bit. (Note: It is recommended to open the hole: inner diameter <opening <= outer diameter-25px, which should be the middle value).

Classification and selection of color temperature

White led hotel downlight supplier believes that: downlights and spotlights are generally white light, but white light also has color changes, and the technical term is to use "color temperature" to express, from 1800K-7500K. Color temperatures around 3000K are often referred to as warm white (often confused with a yellow light), 4000K are often referred to as natural white, 5500K-6000K are often referred to as true white, and above 6500K are often referred to as cool white.

In fact, the light color is also a good choice, because everything, including humans, lives in the sun, and the color of the sunlight changes from warm white in the morning to white at noon and then returns to warm white at night. Therefore, it is right to choose the light color and follow the sun.

Warm white or true white color temperature is often used in homes. If there is natural white, it is certainly better. This is the longest white light in the day. The characteristics of warm white are warm, and the characteristic of true white is bright because there are main lights such as ceiling lamps and chandeliers in the home, and auxiliary lamps such as downlights, spotlights, wall lamps, and strips. Use with white.

It is worth mentioning that smart dimming LED luminaires have emerged. This is mainly due to the advantages of LEDs. One lamp can call out natural white, which is a mixture of white, warm white, and white and warm white. use! This is unthinkable in the past incandescent and fluorescent energy-saving lamps. This is the advantage and charm of LED!

LED downlight

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