LED Grow Light CVNS00023

    Model: CVNS00023
    Wattage: 500W-1000W
    LED Chip: 3030+660NM chips
    Driver Brand: Own brand driver
    Light Color: red light(630nm)/blue light(460nm)
    Finish Color: White/Black/Customized
    PPF: 2.4μmol/s/W
    Input Voltage: AC100-277V 50-60Hz
    Working Temperature: -20°C~40°C
    Lifespan: 50000 hours


Product Pictures:

LED Grow Light CVNS00023(图1)

LED Grow Light CVNS00023(图2)

LED Grow Light CVNS00023(图3)

LED Grow Light CVNS00023(图4)


ModelPowerNumber of Lamp BeadsSizeInput VoltagePPFIrradiation AreaLifespanWorking TemperatureIP
CVNS00023500W660pcs608*585*90mmAC100-277V 50-60Hz2.4μmol/s/W30cm(2.5)/60cm(4)/90cm(5.8)50000 hours-20°C~40°C65
CVNS000231000W2544pcs1110*1105*55mmAC100-277V 50-60Hz2.9μmol/s/W30cm(6)/60cm(8)/90cm(10.5)50000 hours-20°C~40°C65


1> Shorten growth cycles

2> Improve color, shape and taste

3> Plant growth is not affected by the weather

4> Custom light recipe to fit your crop & situation

5> Best for all plants all stages growing

6> Increase yield & crop quality

7> Low maintenance costs

8> Easy to mount and connect

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