Share Some Professional Terms of LED Light Industry

LED Light Category: Indoor and Outdoor LED Light.

Indoor LED Light: LED downlight, LED track light, LED linear light, LED high bay UFO light, LED spotlight, LED ceiling light, LED pendant light, LED wall wash light etc.

Outdoor LED Light: LED flood light, LED underground light etc.

Professional Terms of LED Light Industry

Applicable illuminant, LED triac dimming driver, constant-current LED driver, constant voltage LED driver, LED bulb lamps, LED candle lamps, LED T8 tube lamps, LED strip kits.

High color rendering RA>85, crystal lights, heat dissipation, excellent anti-glare design, irradiation, long lifespan, aluminum alloy+iron, cold-rolled steel, rectangular cut out, die-cast aluminum+sophisticated reflector cup, lantern.


Power, wattage, stainless steel panels, tempered glass, heat resistant silicone seals, luminous Flux, sandblast metal shell, chrome, transparent/opaque lampshade, sensor lens, LED stripe connect socket, DC power input jack, dimmer, DC 24V-direct current, AC-Alternating current.

mA-milliampere, 60HZ-60Hertz, alogen light, tungsten light, greater than or equal, CRI Ra>92-color rendering index, beam angle, lamp holder, cd-Candela, 2700K-K, max luminous intensity(cd), input current, highlighted, ivory color, dimmable, non-dimmable.

Bright black, bright silver grey, sandblast surface beige color, high-gloss silver, ingress protection(IP68), rotatable lamp holder, fixed lamp holder, 2700K-2700Kelvin, hard strip kits, soft strip kits, wardrobe light, EMC(=electromagnetic compatibility), power factor, ghosting, footlight, PP embedded parts, Polypropylene, diode, fluorescent light, module, lumen.

Light attenuation, anti-static device, compromise, after-sales service, protocol, incandescent lamps, non-dust production workshop, resistance, electric capacitor, capacitance, inductance, relay, ohm, anode, cathode, live wire=Lneutral wire=N.

Earth wire/ground wire=E, three phase, cut out diameter, underwater lamp, landscape lamp, flood light, transformer, adaptor, ta/tc 50°C/70°C Ta=Actual ambient temperature, Tc=Surface temperature of body, cloudy cover, electronic ballast, inductance/inductive ballast, starter, circuit, LED=Light Emitting Diode.

Mega, modularize, modularization, rectifier, SWIFT=Society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication, rare earth, polycarbonate, actural project, Mounter, SMT=Surface Mount Technology, PCB=Printed Circuit Board, welding pad, weld, socket, plug, switch, SMD Surface Mount Device, IP Grade, RoHS=the Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

CE=CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE, UL=Underwriter Laboratories Inc., ceramic substrate, aluminum substrate, temperature of welding pad, thermal conductivity, solder temperature, heat conducting paste, COB=chip on board, thermal resistance, VAT=Value Added Tax, heat-sink, thermal pad, stamping parts, sheet metal, three-way switch, pressure switch, push button switch, ceiling lamp, light batten, suspended light fitting, recessed down light.

Neutral white, cool white, warm white, pin spot light, plastic diffuser, 5 years warranty, LED point source LED, steal coating, PIR switch, photo switch, aluminum housing, metal casing, metal halogen lamp, panel light, lamp base, lamp holder, custom made, frosted cover, BASEC=British Approvals Service for Cables, EST=Energy Saving Trust, 3 Step SDCM(standard deviation of color matching), on black body locus, chromaticity co-ordinates, lux, integrating sphere, tubes, drivers and fixtures, illuminance, CCT correlated colour temperature.

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