How to Choose Led Track Lights

In commercial lighting, track spotlights are everywhere. They have a calm and elegant appearance, perfect light color saturation, and outstanding perfect effect in material and color. Custom LED Track Light supplier shares this article for you.

1. The level of the mold can be seen from the finish of the product components, and the quality of the LED track light can be seen indirectly. At present, the mainstream COB track lights on the market are basically taken as an idea, and you can assemble a few scattered accessories at random, each accessory The colors are different and the connecting parts are rough.

2. Check whether the solder joints are of the same size and whether there are protruding points.

3. See if there are blemishes and defects.

4. Look at the parameters. The main parameters of LED Track Light are luminous efficiency and color rendering index. The current indicator of luminous efficiency is 100-150LM/W, which must be greater than 100LM/W, but this indicator is in a period of growth. , Will reach 150-250LM/W next year. The color rendering index can reach 80. This index does not need to be above 90 unless you are engaged in painting and other jobs that require high color.

5. Looking at the power, the mainstream and cheap track lights on the market basically use 24W with a virtual standard of 30W.

6. Light quality: no side spots, clean edges, smooth evolution of the main and auxiliary spots, the main and auxiliary spots are obviously different, strong and weak, and boundaries are distinct. Of course, it is also necessary to consider whether the performance of individual spots is consistent, the color rendering ability of the main and auxiliary spots is consistent, and the angle of the spotlight.

7. Beam angle: Let’s start with traditional aesthetics, that is, LEDs mostly follow the path of imitating traditional point light sources. The difference in the light output area is not very big, so it is relatively standard, and it comes down to 12/24/40 including its subdivision. Generally, it should not analyze the shape of the light board if it exceeds 40 degrees. There is really no obvious boundary. The beam angle of the key lighting is recommended to be 12 degrees. For example, for the clothing store model display, 24 degrees is recommended for product display.

8. Appearance and structure aesthetics, based on the different understandings and demands of each manufacturer on the product, the appearance of the product is a concept that is inoperable and cannot be defined exactly. For us, it is how to look at details and proportions. Good products are in the structure. Don't just be sensational, as long as you meet the premise of heat dissipation, minimize unnecessary material waste and transfer costs to consumers, a good product should be proficient in the core, simple and simple, and create value for consumers.


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